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  1. Main Range Rover Velar chat
    Hi All, When I start my car from cold, the engine revs and idles at approx 1500 rpm and stays there for about 20/30secs before dropping down to about 800rpm. Not a biggie but was wondering if any other owner of a P400 (not the P400e) has the same behaviour? Spoke to the dealer and their...
  2. Main Range Rover Velar chat
    Evening All, A few weeks ago I started noticing white smoke bellowing from the rear of my 2017 D240 SE Velar so I called out the Assistance team. After checking under the bonnet, they noticed a leak from the Turbo. So I took it to JLR, who after 3 days, diagnosed it as a faulty turbo, which had...
1-2 of 2 Results