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Hi guys,

I finally received my R-Dynamic SE P380, and it's such a great car to drive, and man, doesn't it look amazing!
Nevertheless, there are a few issues that hit me right off the bat:

1) Fuel gauge reading failure: So, the fuel level doesn't change even after I fill the car up... Not sure why's that happening.
2) InControl Apps: After installing the app on my iPhone 6S, I haven't managed to successfully connect the phone to InControl once. Not even once! I really want to utilize Spotify as the Land Rover media system isn't thaaat great.
3) Playing Spotify over bluetooth doesn't show the song's information such as title, song name, album, etc....but, when connecting it via USB everything works flawlessly.
4) SIM card installation: I can't seem to insert my SIM card! I have a micro-SIM in hand, and I'm just unable to insert it? Very weird.

So, these are the problems so far. Would be great if anyone has an idea how to fix any of these!

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thats a relief but it amazes me how jlr cant get the basic stuff right on some of there cars and other manafactures like ford etc can get it right on little 6000 pound cars and here we are spending our hard earned cash on a premium car and they cant get the basic rights I am in two minds wether to
purchase a velar or just buy a new sport and see how they are
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