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Picked my White/Black/White P380 HSE on Saturday morning (see pics in the intro chat section). Dealer interaction was really good. Sales staff top notch. Business manager top notch. Deliver rep. top notch. They really appreciated that this was an expensive car and the experience matters. I like efficiency, and don't like fluff (except with the options in my car!). Big shout out to Jaguar/Land Rover Edmonton (http://www.jlredmonton.ca).

Initially we couldn't get my iPhone 7 paired over bluetooth, as the Velar wasn't broadcasting a pairing, even know it was set to. I've had bluetooth problems with my phone as I run early release software, but it wasn't me - the delivery manager had the same issue. The sales rep. managed to get it right - maybe by resetting something, not sure. I ducked back into the dealership to sign some papers, and when I can back out - bang, it worked. Good enough for me... I work in the software business, I'm fully aware what I signed up for here in a 1st gen complex program like the Velar InControl Touch Pro Duo.

I like the ride. I'm on 22's (style 7015) and running at 44 PSI. It's firm, you feel the road, no doubt, but that's my preference. It certainly holds a nice balance between a luxury ride and a sport ride while on 'comfort' mode. Switch to dynamic and flip the knob to sport, use those aluminum paddle shifters and it changes into a full on sport machine, and I crave for more... my goal in this mode is to get below 10mpg (kidding!).

In the last 2 days I've done some highway (motorway), back country gravel at 80km/h, city and basic residential, and my Velar gobbled it all up easily. I was seriously impressed with gravel road handling at speed... it certainly does torque vector where needed. Steering is on point (if a little soft) and braking is immediate with limited (if at all) nose dive...

Acceleration is excellent - not leave-you-breathless P100D (2.3s), and not quite that of a Macan Turbo S (3.7s), but its right there with the Macan S (5.1s) and the Velar has all the luxury, style, and off road capability that I want - and it'll tow my utility trailer with no issues... Its the right package for me. Plus, come on, it has unbeatable style!

The driver assistance features are neat. The lane departure feature I flip between 'steer me back into the lane' and 'shake the wheel' and I think I will stick with the shaking. The traffic sign detection works as advertised, and reliably reads posted speed signs and some construction warning signs (for example, do-not-pass). I am not sure I will leave that feature on. Auto-park, both parallel and perpendicular both work. The parallel assist did park a little close for my comfort to a rounded curb, so maybe that needs a tweak. Adaptive cruise and all that auto-brake, follow, accelerate, works as advertised. Love it all!

I've experienced a few quirks. The passenger air-bag indicator disabled indicator came on one when my wife was clearly sitting in the passenger seat... I'll keep an eye on that one. The aforementioned bluetooth pairing, but meh, that's not a biggie. It took me a minute in the owner's manual to figure out where the interior cabin lights were in the front... but they work well. The driver's seat issue (a sore outside leg after driving for awhile) which I also had...) So far, that's it for me in the niggle department. I have NOT tried USB tethering my phone yet... nots of nightmares around here for that. I will stay with wireless for now.

What I really, really, really want is Apple Car Play. I am patient however, and I bought this beauty more to drive than anything else. The built in nav is top notch also so I am not missing much.

800-ish km on the odo and counting. I'll keep it :)

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