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So I'm 4 months and 4000 miles in!

Here are the Issues I've had so far:

1. Paintwork defect - required a panel re-painting. Quality of 1st attempt was appalling so they had to try a 2nd time.

2. Fuel pump became detached and caused vibration when accelerating

3. Front seat is very uncomfortable. Apparently due to the position of the heated seat sensor. It's like sitting on a golf ball. It only appears to be a problem if you're tall and sit far back in the seat.

4. Ventilation & heating - temperature of air delivered on the right side only ever gets mildly warm. Temperature on the left side is positively hot. Temperature controls or syncing makes no difference.

5. Door handle failure - passenger front handle failed to retract but did after approx 10 minutes into the journey. It's worked every time since but now makes a loud clunk and doesn't run smoothly.

6. Infotainment system - I don't think I've had a journey yet where everything has worked. There is always something "unavailable". Usually one or more of the following; DAB, StaNav, Bluetooth, cameras

Anyone else had/having similar issues?
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