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Dear All,

I have been searching for motor insurance cover for our upcoming Velar (we collect on 23 September providing JLR and the dealer can get their act together on how they will deliver the promised compensation from the earlier rejected F-Pace).

I tried the price comparison websites which were okay. I tried Direct Line because they were excellent value on the F-Pace but, whereas the F-Pace 3.0d V6 S was about £330p.a., the Velar was coming in at £900p.a.

Then I tried Aviva and bingo.....

,,,,,,,,,, £189, fully comprehensive including European cover and 12mths Replacement Vehicle cover to original specification brand new car (effectively GAP Replacement Vehicle Plus cover). Then came the nervous bit - I needed to add my 25yr old son, this being the element that sent most of the insurers on the price comparison websites running for cover and offering annual premiums around £600p.a.

With my son added to our policy, the quote increased to £389p.a. Pretty good as the lad pays 50% towards the difference anyway (& I get to drive his Audi TT and upcoming Mercedes Benz SLC in return).

ALA offer GAP cover to the same standard providing it's bought before the first anniversary of taking delivery of the Velar and, because the term will be less, the premium they charge is lower than had I bought it now. Double bonus! And by using the Discount Code PISTON12, which I pinched from the Pistonheads website, the actual premium is even lower - by 12%.

Whether Aviva is better for you, I do not know. But I thought you might like to know as they don't appear on the price comparison websites and it can be a real bind inputting your details on lots of individual websites. We do live in the Scottish Borders and hardly anything gets stolen up here except occasionally the sheep or a farmer's quad bike. I still think this is cracking value though!!!


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Hello Arianne,

Hope you're doing well and are enjoying the long Easter Weekend.

I'm a new member to Velar Forums and this is my Second Post here!

In the process of buying a Velar but really worried about the Insurance as I've been quoted astronomical figures :(

A few questions:

1. Would it reduce my Insurance Costs if I included the Secure Tracker in my order?
2. Will there be a big difference in Insurance Premiums if I opted for the D240 instead of the D180?
3. Could you please share the contact details of any Insurance Agents that could help?

Thanks and really appreciate your help and insight! :)
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