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Hi all,

We've put an order in for our Velar a few days ago but debating on the interior colour choice and whether we should consider changing it.

Anyone who has already got theirs, how does it hold up in light oyster? And anyone who has ordered light oyster, are you not concerned over it becomming dirty?

We've found pictures online of interiors that we love, but it seems the light oyster is a different shade/colour to what we seem to like. It's as though the pictures we've found are more whiter than the light oyster when on the velar build on JLR site.

The picture attached is the interior we we're hoping to find. Is this light oyster or something that is no longer available? Hoping it's the light oyster.

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I will only comment on what I’ve seen on used ones. Before ordering I looked at used approved ones and the thing that all of the Oyster ones always had in common was how tired the leather looked. I have a BMW also with oyster and the leather just seems to be more hard wearing. JLR leather just doesn’t seem to age very well, needs cleaning at least once or twice a week if it’s to survive longer than 10k. Went with black because of this.
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