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Hi. I would welcome hearing back from other owners as to whether they are having or have had issues with the heated seats in their cars. From new mine turn themselves off after circa 20 minutes. No amount of turning them off and turning them on will start the heaters in them once they have run for the 20 minutes.

So far the work around is turn them on, then manually turn them off for a couple of minutes after they have been running for around 15 minutes,, before turning them in again..... and on longer journeys repeat! If the car is stopped and locked for a short time the seats also come back on...for 20 minutes.

The car was at the dealers for a couple of days and I've been told JLR have issues a technical bulletin as it's a known issue requiring a software update. Unfortunately the release date for this update is currently unknown.

The car also has what I thought was an issue with the traffic signal recognition system. When you turn the car off the system defaults to off, which I think is absurd. If you want to use TSR or not surely it should remember the last setting. Apparently not. jLR first said it was a fault. Turn it on or off and the car should remember the setting. JLR then rang the dealer back and said no, the default is off and the driver needs to turn it on for any journey they want to use it for. Long distance stints in the car that's ok, but short journeys, especially several over a short space of time, this default turn itself off setting is odd! On my F-Pace and several X5's TSR is set by the driver once. The car stays with that setting until the driver changes it. The dealer said that the Discovery Sport and Evoque work that way. But not the Velar? Is this common across the Velars.

Other than long delays for courtesy cars at the dealers meaning booking in is never swift, I'm loving the car and the mpg is getting to be seriously impressive! Still makes me smile every time I climb into the car.
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