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Hello everyone,

I have ordered a 300d R Dynamic SE in Corris Grey with acorn leather interior (and few extra options) via a lease company on the 1st Sept.
Already feels like I have been waiting for a year!

I initially ordered a Porsche Cayenne back in March but 2 weeks before delivery I was told that Porsche were not releasing the diesel engines due to the emissions software scandal. I was informed this could be a very long and indefinite wait so I hopped over to RR and ordered the Velar.... so technically I have been waiting nearly a year!! :cry: :cry: :cry:

Very excited.... indicative delivery date is 2/1/18 (4 months from order o to delivery) however having read through other posts there seems to be a bit of a back log.... any experience in this, does 4 months sound about right?

I am enjoying looking at all the pictures of your new deliveries! :D
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