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We all know the Velar can be custom configured in many ways, but in an idle moment and with a penchant for playing with numbers, I did this calculation:-
6 different engine types x
4 different specification levels (standard, S, SE, HSE) x
6 different body kit types (standard, standard with premium pack, standard with black pack, standard with premium black pack, R-Dynamic, R-Dynamic with black pack) x
12 different colors (excluding flux) x
17 different wheels x
2 roof colors (painted or contrast) x
3 roof types (no sunroof, fixed sunroof, panoramic sunroof) x
3 roof rail types (none, black or silver) =
Add First Edition in flux - (available with 3 different wheel types) = +3 =
And thats JUST the different external appearance combinations! - without even going NEAR the permutations with internal color schemes and options.
Ironically, I think that it is those who have chosen a "First Edition" who are more likely to spot an identical Velar, to anyone else.
Anyone game enough (or numbers obsessed enough) to take this exercise any further ?
Cheers :)
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