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Hi All, after experiencing a problem with my mobile data (sim) and wifi, one day it spontaneously allowed me to activate external wifi again but at the same time I received an SOS Unavailable fault. And although it now allows me to turn on wifi for an external internet connection, the IMEI number is still missing.

Had the vehicle scanned and the report listed these 2 permanent faults:

HUD (Head Up Display)
B100E-64 Video input A - Signal implausibility (Permanent)

Referring to Workshop Manual:
Cause 1: APIX2 Circuit, open circuit
Refer to the electrical circuit diagrams and check the APIX2 circuit for open circuit
Cause 2: Instrument cluster Internal failure

Using the Jaguar Land Rover Approved Diagnostic Equipment, check the instrument cluster for related DTCs and refer to the relevant DTC index
I checked the Instrument Cluster and it had the same fault, but was only intermittent and not permanent like above.

TCU (Telematic Control Unit Module)
B1179-04 Integrated GSM/GPRS unit - System internal faults (Permanent)

Referring to Workshop Manual:
Cause 1: Little or no phone functionality and data services
This DTC will cause the warning "SOS not available to be displayed on the instrument cluster
Cause 2: Telematics control module internal failure

Using the Jaguar Land Rover approved diagnostic equipment, clear the DTCs and retest. If the fault persists, install a new telematics control module
Note, that I did install an aftermarket amp/sub that hadn't switch off which a few times causing a 'low battery' warning to show when entering the vehicle. Hearing that the TCU has an internal backup battery that historically has caused TCU issues, could this is a probable reason?

Thank you for any assistance and since I have the complete 38,423 page workshop manual, I am happy to help anyone that needs something looked up in the future.

[ 2018 Velar First Edition - P380 ]
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