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Picked up the beast today. A near 2 hour handover; thank God I took a 23 yr old who ran through all the gizmos. Looks beautiful, although we had to change the number plates because they were covered in adverts for the garage - tacky! Now plain and smart. Put it straight into Dynamic mode. Wonder if this increases fuel consumption? Not Sport, just dynamic? Wanted it to stay on the lowest suspension setting (in Dynamic) but on the move it automatically switched to the middle setting when we got going. Is this normal? Can I not keep it in the lowest suspension setting? Audio, phone, etc all good. Music reasonable but coming from a Bose set-up in my sadly exchanged Audi A6 Avant (what a good car!) its not a massive improvement. Will have to play around with it more. Noticed the cheap lower plastics but up above there are cow hides everywhere...so satisfying. Foot operated tail-gate takes lots of trying...but we got it in the end.
Hadn't thought about this beforehand but Ill need a Micro data-only Sim to get all the on-line stuff going, including the fancy App thing; pay-as-you-go I guess? Any comments on this? A similar type to those iPad owners I guess? Is it worth it? I imagine it is.
Oh, and the wrist band "key" thingy works SO well! No carrying around a heavy key any more in the shops, gym, etc.
Wallows a bit after the Audi, even in Dynamic, but.....everything else is like being in some Scandinavian designed, super cool, minimalist house full of Vitra furniture, topped off with a priceless favourite view over rolling hills and.....ok ok, Im getting way too over-the-top here, sorry. But, its just the most wonderful feeling being in something SO new, SO futuristic and SO cool....even though Im not cool and too old to be futuristic myself.
Those of you waiting, have patience. Those of you dreaming, order one. Those of you already driving one, wave to each other smugly. Its how I feel. Like a big cat who got all the cream!

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Hi sounds like you really like it. 馃榾

For the data sim I have a Tesco monthly in the car (evoque currently but will move it to velar). 8gig a month for 拢12 or something like that. Find it much better than pay as you go, as with Tesco you can place a max spend on the sim so no matter what does not go above a certain amount.

I think as the velar has 4g and can be hotspot for people In car and the infotainment can utilise particularly sat nav think for me it's worth having to ensure can keep using. Etc.

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Glad you love her.

Speaking of Cats that got the Cream...... https://www.fpaceforums.co.uk/viewtopic.php?f=11&t=789&sid=b213f06dfe94887d5035df2b4ebb44ec

This link will take you to the Jaguar F-Pace thread about SIM cards. You may wish to skip to the end for the latest PAYG deals on 4G. But read the first few pages to get some context. You can buy SIM cards pre-loaded. You use them up, ditch them and buy another. But watch out. The cheap cards have very short expiry dates for the data, sometimes just a month. Others have 12mths within which you must use the data. The Jaguar thread will help forecast data usage.

Ensure you get a provider with fast 4G and good coverage (so not O2 then). I think EE have it covered. There is no roaming service between providers in the U.K. for us when using a U.K. SIM.

Watch out for folk jumping in with iPads and Smartphones with auto-update as they can quickly gobble up your allowance! Essentially, I use my mobile business phone as a slave hot spot for my iPad. So I will want the SIM card to access the car's full functionality like online search, real time traffic etc.


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