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I recently took my 11 year old son to Eastnor for one of the new Land Rover Experience days for young drivers. I have done several experience days and Eastnor is one of my favourite locations.

We took out a D300 Velar, which is the same as mine, but this one had the additional diff on the rear axle and the side cameras as well as the wading sensors.

Once the instructor had driven us 5 minutes to the site, he swapped places with my lad. Firstly they got him comfortable in the seat and close enough to the steering wheel - he is only just 11 so could barely see over the steering wheel - the cameras came in very handy.

Firstly we did some flat practice, using the creep to get a hang of the brakes and accelerator. He did really well with some really gentle stops. I don't remember getting the hang of the brakes as quickly when I was 17!

I thought we would just potter round the field, but we then entered the obstacle course where we practiced wading in half a meter of water, creating a bow wave. Then we went onto the concrete side ramp to get used to severe inclines. Finally we got cross axle balance and balanced the car on 2 wheels. Needless to say my boy thought this was amazing and had the biggest smile on his face as the instructor praised him for his slow speed control. The vehicle had dual control brakes, but noticed the instructor never used it. He seemed to have nerves of steel!

Then it was into the woods on some slippery downhill inclines where we used HDC with the steering wheel 'low speed cruise' to allow wheels to independently brake and keep control.

Only small incident was where the instructor told my boy to keep close to the tree as there was a sheer drop to the left. We got a bit close to its roots and there was a crunch and we left some plastic trim behind. The instructor didn't even blink, just declaring it as 'a sacrificial panel'.

It was a fantastic morning and my lad had the biggest grin ear to ear. The instructor said not many boys get to drive a Range Rover as their first car. I think it's incredible that Land Rover do this. I can thoroughly recommend it - An unforgettable experience in beautiful surroundings.

I'm not sure he will be driving mine any time soon, but he is a lot more interested in our car since his driving lesson.
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