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2018 Velar D180S
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I've never particularly enjoyed driving but always enjoyed cars. No nothing about them, just like them. Always driven family SUVs, always been fine but nothing exciting. We were looking for something new a couple of months ago and sat in a Velar 'just to see what it's like'. Everyone loved it. Back to reality and looking at normal family SUVs...Couldn't get the Velar out of our heads, so found a better deal on one that better suited our needs and took the plunge. It was advertised as D180, which it is, the S. Had no details of upgrades etc so when it came we were amazed to find colour lighting, 20" wheels, pan roof, oyster leather...premium external pack...Great stuff. The first time I've really enjoyed driving, 7.5 hours Bristol-Liverpool with bad traffic was a breeze, loved it! Kids love it and wife is happy. Had to contact LR about a couple of things, impeccable service and things put right free without question...The car's 4 years old. Very happy.
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