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Evening All

Not been a good day today.

I have been told my 2018 Velar needs a new engine at a cost of approx £15-20k. I have an extended warranty and thought all would be ok but they have declined it having noticed I had not stuck to the service intervals. So now I’m stuck with a car that’s not drivable and a 20k bill I can’t afford. I have asked what the exact fault with the engine is and have just been told they don’t strip engines down to find out - the just replace the complete unit. That seems ridiculous to me as how do they actually know what the problem is. It might be something that costs a fraction of the new engine.
Also, I’m being told about some know issues with JLR engines and oil dilution leading to bearing failure. Does anyone know about that? Could it affect a 2018 Velar?
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