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I've been watching this beauty since the reveal. It's stunning. I knew I wanted one, and configured a few models, but didn't order. I went to the dealer, and there it was... the same unit I spec'd, mostly. The one I picked up is an HSE, White with Black Pack, P380, white roof, black roof rails, 22" gloss wheels... black extended leather... the list goes on. Simply stunning!

Did the deal, signed, deposit, then I had to catch a plane to go to work for a week :( PICK HER UP SATURDAY!

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KRG said:
Beautiful! I love it. Frost on the windows?..Pretty cold up there already, huh? Haha.
It is getting cold already! Frosty mornings, glad I have the remote climate feature. That's not too much of a luxury when January comes around... it's a requirement!

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VelarSam said:
Beautiful car! The white with the black pack looks amazing. And I don't usually like white cars, but this has definitely changed my mind. Enjoy!

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Oh I know - first white car for me. Always have had Black, Black Wheels. I love this white and black look. It's eye catching.
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