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What a great forum..........articulacy, intelligence, balance, acceptance of different opinions..........and now i've Joined to spoil all that.

Until a few weeks ago, I had never owned, driven or been passenger in an Evoque, RRS, Vogue or any other Land Rover product. The whole SUV market has never really appealed and if it had not been for the Velar, I would not be considering any of the above alternatives. For over 30 years, I have owned and driven 2 door coupes, cabriolets and the like. Indeed, my recent visits to the hallowed halls of JLR have caused me to view the Velar with my head whilst my heart has been drawn to the F-Type et al across the reception area in the adjoining showrooms. I have no doubt that I have mildly amused, bewildered and infuriated the sales personnel. Interestingly, in my view, the salesmen, sales executives and sales managers have all been sold the JLR line........no need to sell the Velar, it will sell itself, don't waste time and effort handing out business cards because customers will be begging you to buy one, adopt the new role as 'executive order takers' and graciously decline any offers of fellatio (particularly in the showroom) from prospective customers that you allow to sit in the car.........

It is, therefore, unsurprising that the bulk of stock cars comprise an inconsistent muddle of specificationthat JLR thought punters would readily accept without a second thought. Conversely and happily, most customers have demonstrated and exercised utmost good taste in configuring their chosen model. Consequently, we are now seeing the discounting of stock vehicles that dealerships, maybe, are being forced to accept from the production line. In turn, murmurs of shock wave appear on this forum. Similarly, some of the higher end, well specced models are being sold as used cars albeit with minimal mileage and only a few weeks old. The difficulty in financing these vehicles vis a vis the detrimental effect on residual values has necessarily resulted in dealerships being left little option but to also heavily discount these cars to generate sales.

The reasoning and justifications for buying and owning a Velar are manifold and comfortably span the spectrum of analytical financial assessment of price versus depreciation on the one side and pure aesthetic appreciation on the other. However, a tastefully, well configured car, irrespective of the model, will always be saleable. In my view, if you are spending serious money, insist on your preferred choice and do not be swayed by the derisory discounts being offered for customers to accept poorly configured stock cars. Essentially, if the stock car is not selling now, think how difficult it will be to sell 2,3,4 years down the track.

Changed personal circumstances led me into SUV consideration. Initially, I thought Audi SQ5 3.0D would be the solution until I realised that the petrol version had been released ahead of the diesel version .....due later 2018. The Mercedes GLC 350D AMG also featured highly in my initial assessment albeit as an existing C Class coupe driver, I was really looking for something a little different. I have previously owned a Jaguar XKR which in turn led me to consider the F Pace S 3.0D. It is indeed a lovely car until one considers the poor residuals which means that a Velar costing £ 10,000 more would result in the same monthly payment.
Those JLR boys are crazy guys.........arse and elbow figured prominently in my financial assessment of how to proceed.

As many have already mentioned, the buying process for a Velar is like no other. I began appreciating the clean cut rear of the S model but felt it would benefit from R-Dynamic enhancement. Then D240SE seemed a better option particularly after taking it for a test drive. However, the configurator eats away at your soul and so I opted for a Black D300 HSE with R-Dynamic, black pack, 22 diamond turned rims and a few other bits and pieces. I have resolved myself to this image although I now undertake most of my drug dealing from the local bus shelter.

Several dealerships that I approached offered no discounts. Carwow produced 2.5% discounts. Eventually, I achieved 4% for my own specification with which I was well pleased. I do not worry whether I could get another percent or two. Suffice to say, I made the sales guy work hard for the deal, he is still talking to me and delivery is due March 2018.

Thank you all for your valuable and interesting posts.
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