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Hi there,

our order was placed in july and we expect a delivery in november in Paris(hopfully end october :roll: )

Our config is as follow :
- D180 (no way to take a higher engine in France due to tax and accounting / fiscal impacts for company cars)
- R dynamic : love the copper , though a bit disappointed from the plastic feel when I first touched it... plus the air vents on the hood do seem to be fake :x
- corris grey and black roof (loved this combination on the RRsport, does it well hopefully with the Velar...). not convinced here. The indus grey works very very well with black roof...
- sliding roof : a must have IMHO. I hate aircon when at low speed
- teinted glass and full black leather for practical issues with our 2 young boys in the rear
- S pack: could not afford SE nor HSE really. pricing is getting a bit mad with this car...
- 20'' gloss black wheels. I had the satin grey initially but changed it eventually to match the black roof. still not sure about that. really like the 22 '' but off budget and pointless with a small D180 engine really...
- door with charcoal panels
- front sensors for the wife :) (spendiing an extra 500 € just for this is insane. This should really have come as a standard equipment :evil: )

That's it really.

a wish : why not proposing a 7 seat version as with the discovery sport. I rented an opel Zafira this summer as we were 6 pers at some point and the adjutable rear seats do work perfectly. I thought Velar could be a family car with big trunk...

looking forward to delivery...
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