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All - I thought I'd put out there my thinking in putting together my Velar. The order is in w LR, was told should be getting it around 12/10. If you have any strong feedback might have time to change something...

- R-Dynamic SE (didn't want the higher end seats or all the driver support features of HSE)

- P380 the V6 gas version (can't get diesel in U.S., wanted the power, also wanted air suspension only avail w this model)

- 20" Satin Dark Grey wheels style 1032 (chose over black thought it slightly softer look. 20" best compromise look / ride quality)

- Byron Blue exterior (love the blue)

- Standard exterior package no Narvic black (love the copper look but was torn on this one the black is nice)

- Body-colored sliding panoramic roof (heard the black material on roof not durable, and also like the body color w the blue)

- Black roof rails (can't add aftermarket and need to put stuff on the roof (storage box, ski's, bikes, etc)

- Ebony 10-way heated/cooled seats (STINKS no lumbar, just couldn't justify $5k for the next level seats. No rear heater car seats though too expensive at $700 more...)

- Partial extended leather (relatively cheap adds a lot, but not worth $1k more in my opinion for full leather)

- Ebony headliner (stuck w stock option)

- Aluminum trim (stuck w stock option)

- Leather steering wheel (didn't go heated I've never used that feature on other cars)

- 825W Meridian stereo (so wanted the upgrade but not worth $3k)

- Heated windshield (so useful in the winter)

- No badges (not into advertising all my muscle)

- Surround camera (such a useful feature in so many situations. a requirement for me. that front camera w lights on going to campground SO useful)

- Configurable ambient lighting (gimmicky but cheap option thought fun to play with)

- Power steering column (hated to have to pay for this but adds adjustments not avail otherwise and good for multiple drivers preferences)

- Premium mats (cheap and need)

- Climate package (last minute add. it adds extra ducts in back thought would be good for kids and better than same price to add heated seats)

- On/Off Road package (a must. I like comfort suspension but aggressive everything else can only adjust w this package. more offroad options too)

- Active locking differential (struggled most on this. I go up to mountains and beach a lot, thought would also add traction on road for ice etc. At $1k a lot of $ but cheap for what it is). I think also helps make velar true off-roader.

- Power Pro (these days a must in my book)

- Sirius XM (thought also a must)

Just to highlight what I didn't get:
- Bigger wheels
- 18+ way seats. such a bummer I really wanted lumbar support and love the tan seat look w my blue car (tan not avail on the 10 way seats). But $5k? Really?
- Full leather - not worth the extra $1k to me
- Upgraded stereo for $3k
- auto parking - hear doesn't work real well not worth $800
- Driver pro stuff - don't like lane assist etc on wife's Volvo just not worth the $$ to me
- Any tow package. torn on this think good for emergencies but just not worth the money for me in the end
- Heated rear seats (not worth $700 to me)

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I think you got a pretty good build... sounds like you thought through each option. I think you'll be happy.

Lots of it is personal preference, I realize, to each their own in terms of where they want to sway their options, for instance I LOVE the extended leather appointments - because for me, the touch, look, and feel, of the materials in my line of sight are important to me so I went full leather interior incl suede headliner.

The one option I would highly consider, based on your current options, is the heated steering wheel. Its cheap enough too. It literally heats up in 20-30sec (if its anything like the RRS) and youll be glad you have it. On my RRS I thought it was gimmicky until I literally started using it daily unless it was hot out.

good luck anyways.

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Active locking differential:
Is the only thing I wouldn't consider for your purpose. Are you sure the standard version wouldn't do it for your mentioned situations? But it won't hurt either.
I agree missing lumbar support is really a very bad trick of JLR to make extra money! I'm also not supporting this.
Sirius XM is sat radio? If yes, music streaming is best for me, no need for radio I can't control myself. Also4G gives enough options for radio if there really is a need, im not driving in cellular free areas, though.
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