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Morning all well ive just clocked over 2000 miles and wanted to share some issues im having the car is currently back at the Dealers.

My first issue previously posted on here abaout was paint on a rear pumper panel flaked off this is being resprayed.

Ive also experienced the following all of which are now being checked while the car is in for the bodywork repair.

Initial startup clunky / clangy noise more when cold

Auto Stop start very clunky / clangy rattle noise

Fuel ecconomy isnt brill mid 20s at best average about 20mpg most of my trips though are a few miles hence why i wanted a hybrid.

Sever Loss of power a couple of times when ive gone from a flat road to a steep hill like when truning off a road up a hill the car has seemed to lose power for a few seconds whilst it thinks what gear to drop to to handle the change this has ahappened a couple of time the car doesnt roll back but ive had to floor the accelleator and after a few seconds it sorts itself out.

Driver display break this has been posted on here by a few people the map display all breaks up and starts to scroll using the menu button on teh steering wheel and changing the centre info and then back to maps fixes this.

The other day whilst driving along the car systems stareted to shut down one by one in the drivers info panel i got warnings Adaptive Dynamics Fault, Forward Alert Not Available, LDW not available, Headlight system fault, AEB Not available, at the same time the bottom touch screen had frozen the you couldnt swap any driving modes etc. the Rotary dials didnt function. It required a full car restart to get these systems back.

Headlights intermittent high beam random clicks high beam on for a few seconds whilst driving, the auto main beam works fine.

iPhone with control apps very temperamental.

The dealer has given me the P380 and its like a different car the engine is much quiter the stop start noise is more like a small hiccup rather than the clunky knock the P250 has, it just seems a different car all together.

Will keep you all posted but not really happy with my first couple of months, and to add to this when i bought this is was really keen to have a Hybrid vehicle i asked the dealer what was JLR plans on this and was told they will one day but we have no idea when, then 2 months later the RRS has one.
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