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Hello you lovely lot, I wonder if you could give me some advice. My lovely 2019 SE R-Dynamic Velar has been with us for almost 3 weeks now and I love it, however we have been back to the dealer once already with a couple of little niggles, I just wondered if this is normal and I accept it or keep going back to the JLR dealer.

when we pull onto our drive the near side parking sensors go mad (we don’t have the 360 deg camera) we can be a foot from our other car on the off side and no warnings but 6ft from next doors car and it’s going mad. (See pictures below), I can’t find any information regarding how far away an object has to be to activate the sensors.
the dealership said it’s because of the direction of the wheels, however I’ve disproved that, parked next to a wall and turned the wheels and there was no beeping.

there is a white noise type noise from the drivers window at speed ( I’ve seen some posts on Facebook about this and JLR can’t seem to fix). so it looks like it’s a live with thing.

thank you so much x

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