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I've swapped my All Season to 3 Peak Pirelli Snow and Ice. Will also be taking a set of snow socks to France which I notice meet their minimum requirements for legality now.

D300 MHEV MY21 Velar edition (SE+)
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Thanks Arianne for the detailed report. Another system I could recommend and that does not need any adjustment, would be the "König/ Thule K-Summit XXL Tire Chains". Easy to mount and approximately the same price level.

Wish you a wonderful Christmas time in the alps and looking forward to get your impressions with the Velar on snow.
I can do a little review about the Konig!
I havent't tried them yet, but I did some fitting tests.

I bought them because I trusted the manual about 255/50R20:
Azure Rectangle Mammal Font Screenshot

I think they are very good tracks: the chain, the hub and the supports (the 5 parts that keeps the chain in position) seems to have a very good resistance.

But indeeed I couldn't fit the track properly because of the wheel nut dimension.
We have (I have, but I think we all have) 21mm wide nuts on the Velar: Konig has a 21-22 adapter that I think is too big for the 21.
The adapter is a little bit loose: if I try I can move it easily by hand also when the screw is fully tightened.
I don't think the adapter will get out of the nut, but I'm worried anyway: I don't trust it so much.

I'm asking Konig reseller in Milan if they think they are ok with that big movement of the adapter (I'm sending them photos and videos).

If you manage to fit standard snow chains I would be interested in knowing the model!
Snow tracks are so expensive and I would like to send them back and buy a conventional set of chains!

Edited: I'm worried also because I have another set of snow tracks of my other car: a M240i BMW
I've bought a Maggi Trak (an italian product): it has a specific adapter for the 21mm nut.
I can't of course fit a 245/30R19 chain on ours wheels but I could fit the 21 adapter.
It's so much more fixed than the Konig one! No movement by hand at all!
I know Konig make wonderfull products so I expect them to send me a tighter adapter to have the chain perfectly fixed.
But indeed I consider a 21+22 adapter a bad idea they should not have tried.
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