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There are a number of subscriptions that will expire at around 3 years (including, possibly, the Ubigi SIM card in the car if it's still there as supplied by Land Rover - otherwise any data SIM should work). Options for renewal that I'd consider for a 2019 Velar are :

1 - PRO SERVICES - needs a working SIM card as mentioned above - no extra charge but SIM needed for connected navigation, in-car wifi hotspot, and other infotainment online connectivity
2 - REMOTE - covers other remote options available in the LAND ROVER REMOTE app
3 - REMOTE AND SECURE - covers the secure vehicle tracker in addition to 2. above - it may be a requirement of your insurance validity to keep this up
4 - MAPS - for monthly navigation map updates (if you use the inbuilt navigation as opposed to Apple Carplay or Android Auto)

https://www.landrover.co.uk/ownership/incontrol/touch/subscriptions/index.html has all of the details for the first three

https://www.landrover.co.uk/ownership/incontrol/touch/map-updates.html and map updates are at this link
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