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Shocking. That is terrible and, along with many other reports of cruddy discs/rotors, surely deserves to be publicised/publicized.

If that happened to me I'd send those photos to every motoring magazine including Landrover Monthly.
That is a disgrace and must surely constitute a safety issue.
Blimey, if they'd split under heavy braking (and then breaking) goodness knows the consequence.

BTW: There is also a section on gov.uk for reporting what you think is a vehicle safety problem.

I really feels this deserves highlighting more than an entry on a Forum.

PS. Does anyone actually know (not bloke down pub) who makes the discs for JLR?
A US Landrover forum claimed Ferrodo or Brembo but I don't believe it, though maybe it's different for different models. Dunno.
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