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So I've not much longer to wait. Collection on 18th oct.

Last night I looked at the PDF of my order which was placed in April. I felt sick when I noticed that my acorn leather interior was showing as black suede cloth!! I know I'd definitely ordered acorn so couldn't understand why it was showing as black. I thought I was going mad. Also a terrible feeling when I've been waiting 6 months, to then think the car was going to arrive and not be right spec.

So I made a panic call to the dealership this morning. They had it down as acorn on their records but there was further stress as they checked with the factory info. Luckily it's definitely acorn.

However, it's rather worrying that the PDF seems to have changed to the default interior. They said it must be a glitch in the system.

So anyone who is just placing an order, and sending the PDF to the dealership, it might be wise to double check they've received your exact spec.
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