Apple CarPlay GPS issue

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Apple CarPlay GPS issue

Post by MITO » Sun Feb 10, 2019 11:43 pm

I just had a chance to use my newly installed CarPlay functionality on a longer drive into the mountains. The Velar did great in very snowy conditions btw!

While music playback, messages etc. were rock solid, I did notice an odd issue with the phone map apps. When using the in the CarPlay interface, sometimes the app got confused as to where my position was, and either placed me on the side of the road, in a nearby field or would just stop tracking altogether. This happened with both Apple and Google maps apps. It meant the system would stop providing directions until it thought I was back on the road.

Having done some online research, I will absolve JLR of fault for now as it appears this issue is affecting CarPlay gps in many other car makes, so I suspect this an Apple bug. Apparently the system pulls GPS data from the car for the phone apps, and perhaps this is not getting processed correctly. The apps work fine when the phone is used by itself, and the in car nav system also works fine so it is getting correct GPS data.

Anyone else notice this issue?

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Re: Apple CarPlay GPS issue

Post by VelarUAE » Mon Feb 11, 2019 4:12 am

I once had the same issue and I guess it was due to ACP trying to read GPS signals from both phone and car's GPS unit. Thereafter, I made sure that if I am using maps (mainly Google maps) on ACP, I keep the phone in a place it cannot capture GPS signals (As I know GPS signal requires line-of-sight). I have not experienced any issues ever since.

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