Waiting 3 months for a part on 2018 Velar

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Re: Waiting 3 months for a part on 2018 Velar

Post by Tafat Lanzolatta » Sat Feb 16, 2019 12:30 am

Update: today 2/15/19 still no part. The customer support person says the case is ‘resolved’ though the part hasn’t been delivered and she can’t produce proof of delivery and has been researching the issue for days. The parts person at the dealership says there is no ETA because the HQ parts department said they have no vendor for the part. It is now 3 months since the part was ordered.

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Re: Waiting 3 months for a part on 2018 Velar

Post by KRG » Sat Feb 16, 2019 1:50 am

This is scary. I assumed parts supply would get better not worse. My 2 month wait for the same part was bad enough; I feel for you!
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Re: Waiting 3 months for a part on 2018 Velar

Post by Ferraris33 » Tue Feb 19, 2019 3:56 pm

Full Name Mr David Reid
City Glasgow
Postcode G51 3hr
E-mail davidreid33@icloud.com
Date problem arose October 2018

Provide details of your complaint and how you see it being resolved. Try to keep it brief. I contract hired a Range Rover velar at end of August last year and picked up the car from Peter Vardy in Aberdeen
I complained the week that i got the car to Peter Vardy Land Rover that i was getting shaken to bits and the brakes were defective and squeals from them as well.they asked if there were warning lights on the dashboard and nothing appeared and they said that this was a characteristic of Land Rover and unless it was breaking down it is normal so i carried on driving the car.
I drove the car down to London on four occasions for reconstructive surgery and on mortorway at higher rev s it wasn’t as apparent bus as soon as you hit traffic the violent shaking was back along with an expo losing whistling kettle noise from the engine and major brake squeals.
It felt like i had bought an old tractor and not a £60000 Range Rover.
Eventually this became unbearable and in December i phoned peter Vardy in Aberdeen and they said stop call Land Rover assistance which i duly did and one of their qualified technicians came to my offices to check the car and my office staff gave him the keys and thirty minutes later the technician came back in and said there’s “NOTHING”wrong with it.
I met with him and said alongside my engineers that he should take the car for a test drive as he would then appreciate the major problems the car had.
He hummed and hawed and said he was in a hurry but decided to go for a quick spin as he kindly put it.
He came back not even five minutes later and came into our office in front of my employees and customers and stated”take the car now to main dealer its got a knackered engine”!!!
I was shocked and seriously angry as i had complained profusely about this and they just ignored my pleas!
The car went into Taggarts on Maryhill Road in Glasgow on the 21st of December and has been there two months and i have been ignored,lied to and told so many stories I don’t know who to believe!!
I rejected the car by email as i have stated the car was never fit for the road and had a major defects from the day it left the factory.
I latterly found out the car had other faults with wheel sensors(undetected)turbo whistle,squealing brakes and parts inside the car rattling due to the three months of shaking engine
The balance shafts in the engine had to be replaced which is an integral part of the engine to keep it balanced but the car has been literally shaken to pieces and it’s like a 10 year old car.
I don’t want to step back in the car and 2 months is a not a reasonable time for repair as the job was meant to take 16-21 hours to repair not 2200 hours and i have paid £750 a month for a car i never had as well and a huge deposit
Jaguar Land Rover have been ignoring me and then after two months of hearing nothing other than paying out for hire cars on top of the £750 per month that they now wish to offer me a £500 voucher to be spend in any dealership on servicing????!!
First of all I don’t need a voucher as the car does not get serviced to 20000 miles and thats more than the mileage on my contract and secondly i have paid out almost £3500 in the last two months for finance and also for car hire and they know this but don’t care.
I have been severely pumped and disregarded and the stress,inconvenience,out of pocket and anxiety i have been under is immense hence coming to you for assistance
I can provide you with all information if required and i await your reply
Kind regards
David Reid
Tel 07880331332

Email to Alphabet and Jaguar Land Rover

After our discussions today and every day for last three weeks I am now totally dissolutioned and extremely angry that I been ignored and to put someone that has leukaemia through the stress of this is quite simply ridiculous and severely upsetting
I bought a car in good faith that I have complained about since the day I took possession of it and the only reason I called Land Rover assistance was due to speaking with the dealer and getting told to contact Land Rover assistance and they would uplift the car
Everyone has known about the problems I have had and the true story became apparent when an “experienced”Land Rover technician scrutinised the car and found the major defects
I have been getting shaken to bits and my ears have been burning since I drove the car away from the showroom and the rattles and noises coming from it have been brutal to be perfectly honest
I have lost all faith in the car and don’t want to get behind the wheel again and it’s fair to feel that way
I have not had the car for three weeks now and the car I was loaned is not suitable for my back and causing me severe pain and discomfort
I can hand the car back as only used it twice and refuse to end up back in bed after driving it
I am formally rejecting the velar now registration number SW18 .ORG with immediate effect
I advised this weeks ago and you stated that you must go through a process but the neglect I have had has prompted me to act now as I feel I have been disregarded and that’s the end for me and can’t take any more stress in relation to this
The hire car is at 428 helen street govan Glasgow G51 3HR and can be collected any time
I now expect a response within 24 hours or I will be taking legal action against Alphabet and Jaguar Land Rover
I’m sorry it’s come to this but I see no other way and I am 100% sure that I will chase no more and waste my time and energy
Yours sincerely
David R Reid
Waterside group

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Re: Waiting 3 months for a part on 2018 Velar

Post by whiteangel » Wed Mar 13, 2019 8:23 pm

Thats a very unpleasant experience David, i would suggest, if you havent already, to involve the finance company and perhaps seek legal advice.

for the folks in the USA, i had a very unpleasant experience with my previous car Jeep Cherokee 2015, limited trim, my car was written off recently, because jeep couldn't supply a bumper and a bonnet, they did not have spare parts in Europe and no ETA if you order them.

As you might be aware, Jeep is manufactured in the USA, and part of the FIAT group (Italy), my understanding from the body shop where my car was taken, if i had a Mercedes, and they are unable to supply parts withing 72 hours, i would be offered a courtesy car from the dealership.
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