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Re: Nervous first timer

Post by Arianne » Wed Jun 24, 2020 9:36 pm

Like many new models, it has been the Early Adopters who have experienced most of the problems. I was one of them but, like others have said, I have stuck with our Velar and love her very much after almost three year’s ownership and 38,000 miles. Mrs A feels the same way.

We had a Volvo XC90 followed by an XC60. Despite Volvo’s reputation for bullet proof cars, neither were terribly reliable. They were both lovely cars but the XC90 was plagued with faults, some quite significant. The XC60 was prone to just one fault but what a mess it proved to be - Volvo’s new VEA range for Diesel engines, now found in every model across the range, suffered from a terrible Exhaust Gas Recirculation (EGR) fault. They all got choked up repeatedly with carbon deposits forcing the cars into limp mode. It took them two years to find a proper cure, fixed on a recall. Meanwhile, thousands of us had to live with the prospect of seeing the little dash light illuminate and revs restricted to safe mode without warning.

My F-Pace was rejected due to a design fault with the front offside half-shaft by which all 3.0 V6 diesels on 22” wheels suffered from a droning noise as the wheel rotated. It too had misaligned bonnet panels and flakey build quality.

Our Velar suffered from the same issue from the front offside wheel on delivery. As has been said, much of the parts under the skin of the F-Pace and Velar are shared and they are built on the same production line. My dealer was generally first-class and eventually our Velar was fitted with the upgraded half-shaft part and the noise was silenced.

Otherwise, we have experienced glitches with the infortainment system - all software issues. But these have become much less frequent and intrusive with the succession of software updates and these are now received through wireless, over the air. So no need to visit the dealer which is great. They just happen!

We’ve had some other one-off issues, none of which have been terrible. The worst was my Velar’s inability to fire up while in Austria on our winter skiing holiday. The Austrian dealership was awful, LandRover Assist were pretty good and my dealer resolved the problem that the Austrians were flummoxed by at the first attempt.

Look, these are complex, but wonderful cars. The vast majority of issues have been resolved since launch in 2017. You have the manufacturers warranty and my dealer has always played fair with any warranty claims. A good dealer is crucial, so ensure your dealer will look after your interests first and foremost. Not the sales people, the service folk. Meet them, chat with them. They are the ones with whom to build the relationship. Sales people come and go and the only time mine makes contact is to try and flog me another car. Some issues with the ICT on our car were simply me not understanding the complex technology.

When the warranty on mine expires in September, I will be buying the LandRover extended package. I wouldn’t want to own any luxury SUV without a warranty. None of the cars in this class - Audi Q7, Volvo XC90, BMW X5 - can be run on a shoestring budget. You need to factor this into the cost of ownership. You buy these with your heart and not your head. Your accountant will hardly approve of your decision. If this isn’t for you then it’s a Skoda Superb Estate - very good cars.

One final thing. I don’t know what’s going on with the folk on the JLR production line but the quality difference between a Velar and F-Pace is huge. Really huge. They must see a Velar emerge at the start of the line, straighten their backs, throw their fags to one side and set about the build with real pride. When you have owned both cars you can’t help but instantly notice the difference. They are built on the same line, have many components in common but feel so, so different.

We love our Velar. We truly do. I don’t regret buying her (yes, we bought her because I am old fashioned and belong to the generation that actually prefers to own stuff rather than lease or rent it). Life is for living, money is their to be spent (assuming you have the money and you’re not sinking into deep, deep debt).

If you like your Velar that’s on offer, have the funds to keep her sweet and believe driving is more than just South Korean white goods then...... go for it and enjoy!

Best wishes, Arianne


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