Switched from iPace to Velar

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Switched from iPace to Velar

Post by Carpenpa » Wed Dec 05, 2018 3:24 am

I originally had an iPace on order due delivery March / April 2019 but then began to get cold feet. The issues that bugged me were:
  • Big investment that I could only just afford
    Concerns about charging infrastructure in uk and abroad
    Some reports of software / hardware glitches resulting in features not yet working properly and in a few cases cars just suddenly stopping working.
In the end I decided to bail out and chose between an F-Pace and the Velar. It was a difficult choice but I have now ordered a Petrol 250 SE in Byron Blue with Ebony Leather / Oyster headlining, sunroof and a few options like Driver Assistance and so on. Looking forward to delivery again in March.

As previously discussed here the car looks pretty awesome in any colour and I was also tempted by corris grey or white with black contrast roof. It’s just a shame that the non leather interior options are so expensive.

Ideally I would have liked to get a plugin PHEV but it looks as though these are at least 2 years away,

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