Rear Cam Cable Run + Dash Cam

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Rear Cam Cable Run + Dash Cam

Post by dickydo » Wed Jul 01, 2020 7:27 pm


My brand new Velar has just been delivered... and now I find myself in a situation where I have unbolted the rear spoiler, it's wobbling about in the breeze, and I wish I had 3 arms.

Ok.. I'm being dramatic.

I'm not a fan of visible or hanging cables so I did my homework.

The front camera is fitted as per instructions by maske

My camera is a Nextbase. The rear camera cable plugs into the front camera where both front and rear images are recorded onto a single micro SD.
This way of fitting the rear camera is not for the faint of heart or diy noob.

Feeding the rear camera cable from the front camera to the boot area is pretty straight forward. Just pull off the door seals and the cable can be slipped up into the roof panel.

Tip: The door seals are all a dry push fit.
The boot/trunk seal is not.
It may have some uncured polyurethane sealant on it. This will make a mess of your head lining if you're not careful with it, but remember, a lint free cloth soaked with WD40 is your friend.

Next, the main obstacle, the rear spoiler.
If you want a proper install, no hanging cables, the spoiler has to be removed.
The alternative is drilling the boot lid. I wasn't doing that!

Luckily, someone has filmed the rear camera cable run through the boot lid and put it on YouTube.

I didn't go as far as actually removing the spoiler, electrical connections, washer pipes etc... Just took the bolts off and lifted it slightly. No'1 Priority.. DON'T scratch anything. I did this on my own but really wished someone was with me to give a helping hand.

You have to go through the right hand side conduit. The left hand side conduit leads to a dead end.

Velar Rear Cam 1.jpg

The upper cable gland under the spoiler is sealed with polyurethane sealant. It can be punctured/cut through, just be mindful of the electrical cables, you don't want to damage those.
You will need a short draw wire to feed up from the rear window defrost cable hole and up through the upper gland under the spoiler.
Then it's just a matter of pulling the camera cable and tidying up.

Velar Rear Cam 2.jpg

Oh, and don't forget to bolt the spoiler back into place.
Finger tight to begin with so you can realign it properly with the lid closed. Once you've got it all lined up nicely then tighten it up and put the internal covers back on.

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Re: Rear Cam Cable Run + Dash Cam

Post by cianelectric » Wed Jul 01, 2020 9:33 pm

Very good - I have my rear camera installed in a similar way, however I routed the cable through the left conduit and didn’t have a problem with a dead end - it has cables in it, but I routed the dash cam cable alongside them.

The one problem I do have though is that it causes the DAB to cut out a lot more than it did before (I think the DAB antenna is in the rear window). Have you had this problem?
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Re: Rear Cam Cable Run + Dash Cam

Post by dickydo » Thu Jul 02, 2020 5:12 am

I forgot to mention that.
I fitted 2 ferrite clamps. One around the power supply down in the passenger footwell. The other around the rear cam cable, tucked just inside the rear window defrost cover plate.
No problems with DAB.

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