Black/Ebony vs Light Oyster vs Light Oyster + Black/Ebony

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Re: Black/Ebony vs Light Oyster vs Light Oyster + Black/Ebony

Post by HarryR » Sat Aug 01, 2020 5:10 pm

I have the oyster/ebony combination and it looks so classy. One of the things that makes it is the oyster centre on the steering wheel and the inner part of the steering wheel. It’s just so nice and when people get in the car for the first time they always comment on how nice the interior is. It’s bound to turn heads when to you come to sell it, providing you keep it clean.

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Re: Black/Ebony vs Light Oyster vs Light Oyster + Black/Ebony

Post by Arianne » Sat Aug 01, 2020 6:36 pm

Hi Ras,

I use the Dr Leather wipes and I agree that it’s good to wear Blackmamba gloves for the reason given. They’re wipes so they don’t soak the leather and the perforation doesn’t get clogged up. They’re great. It’s easy to remove the dye from blue jeans that builds up over time and any slight scuffs. The quality of the leather is good.

I went for ivory because it creates a distinctive and luxurious cabin. The courtesy cars that I’ve had with black interiors are a bit cave-like. The shoulder line on the windows is high and, if you choose privacy glass (which you should for the look) then less light comes into the cabin. I know you have the pano roof but you might not always move the blind back.

One thing though......

...... when we ordered our car in 2017, the steering wheel insert was black plastic even if we ordered ivory interior UNLESS we upgraded to the full leather pack. The extended leather pack didn’t do it. I thought it would look odd to have ivory but have the black steering wheel inset. So we upgraded, it wasn’t cheap, but the top of the dashboard, the central binnacle and the door roll tops are then all wrapped in beautiful leather - and the steering wheel inset.

This isn’t immediately apparent when using the configurator but I realised all of this quite late by a careful examination of the images in the brochures and online.

A Velar, whatever anyone says, isn’t a Porsche Macan or Jaguar F-Pace for sports handling. They can shift, they can corner but ultimately once you’ve got the 700Nm of torque out of your system, the Range Rover finesse and wafting along experience will win through (which is why the smaller 4cyl engines are a decent choice too). At that point, your ivory trim will be the right choice as it’s rather relaxing.

When we were in Italy on holiday at Lago di Como, our Velar caught many, many glances from locals. Yours will too - it’ll not just be you glancing back over your shoulder when walking away from her.

Best wishes, Arianne
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Re: Black/Ebony vs Light Oyster vs Light Oyster + Black/Ebony

Post by Milky400 » Sat Aug 01, 2020 9:09 pm

On our second Velar, both had ebony/oyster and the current being as HSE has the softer, more stain prone Windsor. However never had an issue and have a 12 month old, cleaned regularly they will be fine, even deep blue denim can leave a mark but wipes straight off.

The black and white finish is gorgeous and you will not be disappointed. I found the black dull and mainstream.
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Re: Black/Ebony vs Light Oyster vs Light Oyster + Black/Ebony

Post by headpin » Sat Aug 01, 2020 9:11 pm

I have had both. All I would say is it depends upon what you wear in the trouser/pants (for US friends) department. If you wear denim then be prepared to get a lot of colour transfer in to the Ivory. It can be cleaned but can also be a pain in the ar5e too.

Also the Ivory can be an issue if you get pen or crayon marks on it. Trying to spot clean can cause dye fade. With ebony you often cannot even see these marks.

The Ivory does look good, but I now opt for the Ebony for practical reasons.

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