Hybrid PHEV P400e - mileage claimed by JLR Vs Real

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Re: Hybrid PHEV P400e - mileage claimed by JLR Vs Real

Post by Arianne » Tue Apr 06, 2021 2:27 pm

I found that video entertaining and hugely informative - thanks for sharing it.

Trying to assess whether the P400e makes sense or not is very much dependent upon your personal circumstances and lifestyle.

The real-world 24 mile range seems puny but then I stop and reflect upon the fact that, most days, Mrs A doesn’t travel much further than that anyway. So that would be pure electric with the benefit of the petrol engine elsewhere for longer journeys. Interesting.

On the other hand, that smaller boot would annoy me on our holidays for such a big car. And the realisation that, if I chose to drive it as I would want for a RRS, fuel economy will sink below 30mpg.

For the moment, with us living in a rural environment, I think diesel remains king. In urban environments it might be different. I think we’re on the cusp of a step change but I don’t think we’re quite there yet. The technology seems to be as much about manufacturers needing to meet their EU fleet average emission targets as it is about customer needs.

I’ll be keeping a close eye on all of this over the next couple of years though as hybrids are getting better and better.

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Re: Hybrid PHEV P400e - mileage claimed by JLR Vs Real

Post by GreyPaint » Tue Apr 06, 2021 5:16 pm

Over my 750 miles, I have averaged 31 mpg. For about 20 days of that, I wasn't charging the car, so it isn't a true reflection... I reckon it will average 40+. - nothing like JLR claims though!
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Re: Hybrid PHEV P400e - mileage claimed by JLR Vs Real

Post by Wivenhoe » Tue Apr 06, 2021 8:34 pm

My BMW 530e has a similar official range as the P400e I have ordered. As most of my driving has been fairly local, since new I have done 6k and averaged 65mpg - I expect the same sort of consumption from the P400e. It suits my driving and has the same capability of 0-60 of a 3.0L so all in all for me the PHEV’s are the best compromise at the moment. It helps to have a wall charger that you can hook up to in seconds / in foul weather as then there is no excuse not to keep it charged.
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Re: Hybrid PHEV P400e - mileage claimed by JLR Vs Real

Post by Totem » Wed Apr 07, 2021 6:50 am

I have mine about about 8 weeks now with 750 miles and have averaged 67 mpg. Which is better than I was expecting considering my P250 was only doing 22 mpg. Even when battery low and running in save I’m getting better than the P250 around 33mpg.
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