Loving The Velar.

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Loving The Velar.

Post by Milky400 » Sun Feb 11, 2018 6:02 pm

We all have issues mostly minor just annoying, but personally I’m getting fed up of the lack of positive comments coming through about the beautiful car.

So tell us the things you love...

I simply love it.....

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Re: Loving The Velar.

Post by Batman » Sun Feb 11, 2018 6:41 pm

Could not agree more - The sum of it is this - l wash my Velar - the first Landrover not to be taken to the car wash - The design is so cool and l so enjoy driving the car more so than any other 4 x 4 l have owned.
We need to lift this forum - even travelled today with heated seats on and sunroof open!!
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Re: Loving The Velar.

Post by Nowaytk » Sun Feb 11, 2018 7:50 pm

With the vast majority of any forums, all you tend to hear are the problems, or people trying to find answers, which I think is a good thing as it provides a vast amount of knowledge to a lot of people, what a better way to get real world info that’s not sugar coated, but, that also works the other way, would be good to know what people love about their velars, it gives people who are trying to decide wether to or not to get one, what options are worth it or not etc. Pics are also invaluable to the deciders contemplating buying just to get colours etc in a different light,
So, the more pics the better 👍🏻

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Re: Loving The Velar.

Post by basel » Mon Feb 12, 2018 9:04 am

Yes you are right Milky400 ... the Velar is really beautiful ... not only to my eyes but to all (I say all) those who have looked at me ... objectively it's really a fascinating line ... who looks at it remains impressed ... even those who can see the interior with those 3 virtual panels ... if you pay attention to people's expressions it is a confirmation of the genius of the designer (that not even to say but is Italian :D ).

If we talk about the engine I assure you that the new 4-cylinder petrol is a revelation about the torque and the delivery of the thrust (which was characteristic of the diesel) ... the P250 is part of the new generations of petrol engines (like the 4 cylinders of the Macan, XC60, Q5, and Stelvio)
that offer the same performance of diesel also in terms of consumption.

So I'm very satisfied with the Velar P250 but also the engine ... often it happens that you choose a car and you are satisfied with the engine (for example, (IMHO) the D180 seemed too weak while the D240 a lot of torque and a little longer than the bad diesel noise)

In conclusion after about 6 weeks with my Velar, I can declare to have made the best purchase in terms of design and driveability ... then we go over with time if it remains reliable and maintains the value of resale.
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Re: Loving The Velar.

Post by Ludo » Mon Feb 12, 2018 12:31 pm

+ 1 Milky400 !

I also read a lot of posters being annoyed by too much negative feedback on this forum.

Personnaly it does not bother me, as I believe that most posts will generate positive solutions eventually. In addition given the price of the car, customers are entitled to be demanding somehow.

But you are right we should take time to write positive feedbacks like Arianne does so well (reading his post written in the train back from London , was so much fun).

I just got my Velar back from service to get 4 details fixed (ICTP 17C upgrade, door assembly, door handle, aircon in the back seats) and I was so happy to drive it again this morning. I'll will write a dedicated post to report about the service, after I 'll have enough time with the ICTP. I can just confirm that I tried plugging my Iphone with the USB and it worked immediately, including Spotify via Incontrol Apps. I also noticed that the new menu with 'online media' was there with Tune In and Deezer. But did not have time to play with it.

Anyway Yes, the Velar is stunning car, I love owning and driving it. And I look forward to driving it to Normandy this week end, and to play with dynamic mode on small curvy roads, do the music test with spotify or deezer will be fun too...

Enjoy your Velars !
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Re: Loving The Velar.

Post by P380NarvikEclipse » Mon Feb 12, 2018 2:58 pm

Things I love:
  • Every single time I walk up to my Velar, it’s impactful. My building’s garage has an X5M, SQ5, Macan, RRS (and non-SUV’s like the RR Ghost, M4, Aventador), all within view, and none stack up to the Velar’s refined style.
  • Driving - Smooth, luxurious, comfortable ride with punch & a more dynamic feel there when I need it
  • Adaptive Cruise Control w/ Queue Assist - if you’re on the fence on this option, especially for those that enjoy auto brake hold on stopping, it is personally my favorite feature and one I use literally daily.
  • Now that it’s working almost 100% consistently, InControl TPD with Interactive Driver Display makes the list. I know many still have issues, though I’m a believer that JLR will get this right in due time (and needs to given its commitment to the rest of the lineup), and now that I’ve had a couple weeks to actually enjoy it without my phone not being recognized or other glitches, I love it. Beyond the Media interface, there’s countless customizations that give you flexibility on how to receive info and interact with your Velar via the HD displays. Only thing that comes close IMO is Tesla’s implementation.
  • Meridian system - I have the 825w system, and it is wholly impressive, especially with FLAC files. I can’t imagine what the 1600w system is like.
  • Remote Climate via App - living in a high rise apartment building, remote start has always been useless to me since my fob isn’t in range of my vehicle. I actually didn’t realize it was a feature of JLR until I had already ordered, and it’s been such a nice and welcomed surprise to be able to heat/cool the car from anywhere I have my phone or watch on the internet
  • LED Headlights - in the US, we don’t get the option for the active matrix headlights, so my impressions are just on the basic LEDs, and wow are they powerful. I’ve never felt like the entire road is visible like this until riding in my Velar
  • Power reclining rear seats - not something I knew about until delivery, but a welcomed feature that my passengers have enjoyed, especially for a relaxed ride looking out the pano roof
  • Cargo room - I’ve been pleasantly surprised with how much can be packed in this car. Having recently gone on a road trip with my friend’s RRS, I have to say the Velar’s capacity does not feel nearly as limited as you might expect given the roof line difference.
Overall, I love the Velar, and as said in a previous post, wouldn’t trade it for anything in the sub-$100k space. With that said, JLR needs to keep up with software developement and not take their customers’ patience for granted.

Things that could improve:
  • Gas Tank Size - When you fill up and it barely crosses 200 miles before empty tank, your tank is too small. They should have gone with a ~22 US gallon tank (RRS w/ V6 petrol has 27 gallons.. this has 16.6).
  • MPG (P380) - further to the above point, MPG wouldn’t be as much an issue for me if the tank was larger. But with a small tank, and not great MPG, I am conscious that I’m at the pump too often (even though fill-ups are quick). Granted most of my driving is in NYC stop n go, I avg about 12mpg (US) City on a ~10mi journey, and 22mpg (US) combined highway on a 77mi journey. According to the marketing figures, I’m getting right on par with combined MPG (they advertise 20 MPG), but 6 MPG less in city-only driving (they advertise 18 MPG).
  • Support for Waze/CarPlay/Android Auto - this should be here. It isn’t, and it’s frustrating. Hopefully the promised software update includes at no cost to existing owners.
  • Remote Climate - Seats & Steering Wheel - I wish remote climate would turn the seats and steering wheel on. Not a huge deal, but would be nice.
For me, these negatives don’t come close to detracting from what a truly special vehicle the Velar is, despite its launch niggles, and I’m grateful for being fortunate to be one of the first to own one in the world.

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Re: Loving The Velar.

Post by DangerMouseUK » Mon Feb 12, 2018 9:23 pm

Another happy owner here - love the style, size and tech !


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Re: Loving The Velar.

Post by KRG » Tue Feb 13, 2018 4:51 am

I just got back from a joyride around the city. I still do that from time to time because I love driving my Velar. It’s honestly fun to drive; moreso than I anticipated when I ordered it. It’s also beautiful inside and out and feels like a vehicle in 2018 should. So many car designs seem like tweaked and recycled versions of the same basic style we’ve seen for the last decade. The Velar feels genuinely new and current, and embraces tech. I love clean modern design, I love tech, and I wanted a fun to drive midsize suv. Nothing else ticked all the boxes like Velar. I think it fits me better than any other car I’ve owned and all my friends are in love with it as well.
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Re: Loving The Velar.

Post by peterd » Tue Feb 13, 2018 7:56 am

I can just confirm that I tried plugging my Iphone with the USB and it worked immediately, including Spotify via Incontrol Apps. I also noticed that the new menu with 'online media' was there with Tune In and Deezer. But did not have time to play with it.
@ludo, thanks for the feedback, I am tempted to ask for the update, as far as I know that is the only issue I have on the velar until now: 2 month
2k miles.

The car is great, and the P300 engine is excellent, lot of torque and power, the only negative is that I can not restrain myself of pushing the engine ...

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Re: Loving The Velar.

Post by Walrus » Wed Feb 14, 2018 8:50 am

Great car, so my problems are that I am driving my P300 more than I had intended (3,000 miles in 2 months) and that I have picked up a speeding ticket (due to the same feeling about the engine as peterd).
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