Switched from A5 Cabriolet to Velar

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Switched from A5 Cabriolet to Velar

Post by tdphatak » Thu Dec 06, 2018 2:01 pm

Just got a Velar and have to say that I love it. I'm one of those people that reads all the reviews everywhere online and was concerned about the tech glitches. I haven't had any issues and I must say the car drives beautifully and is stunning inside and out. The proverbial "fit and finish" of a car has always been important to me. The lack of clutter and unnecessary buttons on the console really sets the interior apart from other luxury cars. I don't need to change many settings when I'm driving so it has always been a mystery to me why some car manufactures (eg Porsche) choose to have the console littered with dials and switches. My Android auto works flawlessly and the remote start has been perfect (minor gripe of not being able to start heated steering or seats remotely but the car is warm enough when started remotely to make it a relative non issue). Of note I didn't get a loaded car by any means (D180 S with heated seats/steering and drive package only) but it's still fantastic and I found the 10-way seats (sans lumbar support) to be quite comfortable. I got an amazing deal through the JLR Special purchase program which only allowed me to select a 2018 (outgoing) model but I'm in heaven and glad to be part of the club. Now I see what all the fuss about Range Rover is about and worried I might not ever get another brand of car going forward! :)
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