Fumes Entering Car

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Fumes Entering Car

Post by CHINDIT » Sat Nov 09, 2019 8:20 pm

My Velar 240D R Dynamic HSE is just over a month old and I have now driven a little over 1,500 miles. From the outset, I occasionally noticed an occasional smell in the cabin when stationary or in traffic. Initially I thought it was just the smell you get from a new engine during the first few hundred miles. When it continued intermittently I thought it was other vehicles exhausts being sucked in through the ventilation system. Then on Tuesday I noticed it happen when no other vehicles were in the vicinity. The fumes were quite strong and left a nasty taste on the tongue.

On Wednesday morning I phoned my local dealer to book it in to get it checked out. As it was a fume issue and could be injurious to health, they told me not to drive the vehicle and that they would despatch a technician to my house to arrive within two hours to investigate the problem. Within two hours a helpful technician arrived and opened the bonnet and removed the plastic engine cover. He said that there was a known issue with a gasket that can leak. He then explained that he was going to remove a small bolt and that if the bottom of the bolt was black, there was a problem. He found it was black but not as bad as he had seen on some other vehicles. He then said the vehicle could not be driven and that it would be collected by a recovery truck and taken to “grey box” for further diagnosis and repair. A taxi promptly arrived to take me to JLR Lookers West London to collect a courtesy vehicle - an Evoque. Early on Thursday morning my Velar was collected by a recovery truck and taken to “grey box” for further investigation and I now await details of what they find / propose..

Wondering if anyone else has experienced a similar fume problem?

I have also noticed that after a long motorway type run, the D240 engine become quite rough and noisy when moving onto slower winding roads. If starting from scratch on slower winding roads this does not happen and the engine seems pretty smooth with the twin turbos whining in the background.

JLR have been pretty impressive regarding the Velar fume Issue so far - the only hiccup being the Evoques front left tyre losing about 3 or 4 psi per day. The low tyre pressure indicator was on when I collected the vehicle so they took it away and checked it out before I left the dealership. On Friday the low tyre pressure was back on when I happened to be passing Guy Salmon Thames Ditton. They kept me waiting 3 hours whilst checking the tyre only and sending me on my way only for the pressure to be down again by the evening and a drive to Portsmouth and Bristol. On Saturday morning I received a courtesy call from Land Rover Recovery (the helpful lady said she was an AA employee) who asked me to take the Evoque to Guy Salmon Jaguar Bristol where it was promptly swapped for a Disco Sport. Problem seemed to be that the loss of tyre pressure was so slow that the technicians never found the location of the leak at either Lookers West London or Guy Salmon Thames Ditton. The Disco Sport seemed problem free on a trip to Wales today so should keep me mobile until the Velar returns.
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