All sorts happening

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All sorts happening

Post by NISHSO » Mon Dec 02, 2019 7:36 pm

Hi all,
Have had a very strange day with my car - so this morning I started her up with the remote so it was nice and warm when I got in ~ that worked well. Pulled off and get a message saying forward collision reduced to alert only (or something like that). I thought ok probably just something to do with the frosty morning. Then my adaptive auto lights decided not to come down from high beam and so had to turn them off manually very quickly. Put them back on a couple of miles later seem to work ok, then went into a lit area and then back out again, they then stayed on again so kept them turned off. Then the HUD seem to have a mind of its own in that, the brightness just kept going really bright and then back dull, this went on for about a minute and then went back to normal and was ok. Coming home tonight, started car up at work with remote, nice and warm - driving along, went onto dark area and main beam just went mad and stayed on and so had to turn it off again - tried it again about 20 mins in and seemed to be ok until I went in/out of lit area and had to turn it off again. Tried again 45 mins into journey and all seemed ok even with going in/out of lit areas.
Got home, shut down as normal, expected the suspension to drop (have the lower on exit on) but it stayed where it was and had to do it manually. Go in and looked at the remote app to see mpg etc. And car says it is still parked 50 miles away at my work?!
Previously I have not really had any issues with the car - it can’t just be the cold can it??? Hopefully she was just having a bad day!
Anyone else had any similar experiences and if so any explanations?
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Re: All sorts happening

Post by Larjon77 » Wed Dec 04, 2019 6:49 am

Sounds like you have some dirt or ice on the sensors in the front perhaps?

As for the remote app it usually helps to log out and back in again (in the car, not the phone)
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