Limited power warning

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Limited power warning

Post by EriksVelar » Fri Jun 26, 2020 8:34 pm

I have a First Edition 300D Since August 2017 with 77000 km.
About a month ago I got a warning Exhaust filter full and limited power. My car was towed to the dealer and I got it back after two weeks. They replaced under warranty the two turbo’s and part of the exhaust filter system at a cost of about € 8000. I didn’t pay anything since under warranty. Now about 3 weeks later I am travelling in Germany. I overtake some cars at moderate speed, 140 km/h, and all the sudden red warning sign and Limited Power again. No Exhaust filter warning, just Limited Power. Car is crippled completely. Hardly any power left. I manage to get to my destination. Next morning all normal again. In the meantime I booked a service appointment at my dealer for end of next week. Today, two days later, driving to The Netherlands I overtake with a kickdown a couple of cars and after the overtake all the sudden limited power again. Super frustrating. I stop for 5 minutes, restart and everything normal again.
Has anyone experienced this and what was the solution ? I am already looking for another car. I want a reliable car. Love my Velar but can’t accept this on a € 110.000 car.
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Re: Limited power warning

Post by Bottom » Sat Jun 27, 2020 1:46 pm

Had this a few times with my previous car, a Discovery Sport, it seemed to be related to using cheap supermarket diesel. I haven't had it with the Velar but I also don't use the cheap diesel anymore.

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