Beast from the East is beaten by RR Velar

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Re: Beast from the East is beaten by RR Velar

Post by Wolfie » Sun Mar 18, 2018 12:01 pm

Ok so it’s not the Beast From The East anymore but it’s been pretty snowy here in Yorkshire this weekend.

Went into Leeds last night for dinner as despite the weather warnings there wasn’t really any snow...but by the time we got there is was tipping down and all the while we were eating I had one eye on the blizzard outside.

The roads were complete snow covered by the time we left, couldn’t see the white lines and some nagging doubts were in the back of my mind about the wisdom of choosing 22 inch rims. It was the kind of conditions that had I been at home I’d just have cancelled plans and put my feet up in front of the log burner.

I needn’t have worried, the car coped fantastically. Put the terrain response into Auto and just drove as normally as I could bearing in mind other traffic that was clearly struggling and lack of visibility.

There was a definite tendency for anything German and rear wheel drive to struggle on even the slightest gradient or pulling away from traffic lights..

Previous recent 4 wheel drive in the snow experiences were in my (now departed) Defender, which was great but all manual so needed far more concentration than the Velar did last night. Plus the Velar is far warmer and cosier, heated seats on 3 and heated steering wheel on. Lovely!

To get to our house is a short 25 metre but pretty steep entrance to the road, which is narrow and unadopted so gets almost no traffic. To give some idea of the steep entry part, when it’s icy you can’t actually walk down it without holding on to the wall. So if there was a point where the grip might have been found wanting it was there. But again it just drove up the slope and along the road as if there was no snow, us creating tyre tracks through virgin snow up the road (only a dog seemed have gone before us, no human prints!)

So overall the Velar has yet again exceeded my expectations and so far I’m very happy with the decision to get one and run on 22 rims.
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