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Old thread, but let me ask - anyone knows exactly what kind and color of the foil is? I think about the same effect in the style of Nardo Gray wrapping on SVA (originally I have white).

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I saw that pic somewhere also (think perhaps on Pinterest) and absolutely love it. Shame it's not available (at least not here in the UK) as it would definitely be the colour I would have chosen.

As it is I went for Eiger Grey this time around. Black Pack is a must with Eiger Grey as is a black contrast roof (imho) and I went with the black 22 inch wheels. I think it's the nicest combination available at the moment (save for perhaps the silk pallet but I refused to pay £6K for it!). But then I would think that as I have it! :)

There's a picture of one here almost identical to mine: Woodland setting makes a good picture....but.....
101 - 106 of 106 Posts